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Pink in Power Picnic Summer 2023

The Power In Pink Picnic was an unforgettable celebration of women, community, and culinary delights. Held in Elmwood Park in East Orange, this empowering event brought together women from all walks of life. Guests enjoyed inspiring talks by Honorable Councilwoman Amy Lewis, professionals, experts, and community members, savored mouthwatering charcuterie boxes by Chef G and desserts by Shanere Clayton. It forged lasting connections and was a day of empowerment, sisterhood, and celebration, leaving attendees inspired and uplifted. The Power In Pink Picnic was a testament to the strength and unity of women in our community. Created and Curated by Chef G and Shanere Clayton.


Urban Taste Restaurant

Urban Taste, formerly nestled in East Orange, NJ, was a culinary journey curated by its Founders, CEOs, and Executive Chefs, Chef G and Chef Nate. It achieved recognition as one of New Jersey's top 21 Black-Owned restaurants in 2021, as acclaimed by the Star Ledger. Beyond its delectable offerings, the restaurant served as a cultural hub, hosting dynamic events that celebrated the vibrant community's soulful spirit. Embracing a unique "Health Meets Soul Food" approach, it provided an array of dishes that satisfied the palate and nourished the body, enriching the diverse neighborhood's dining experience during its successful operation.


Goddess Awakening Retreat: Jamaica August 2023 (Sold Out)

Set in the beautiful country of Jamaica on the beaches where Golden Eye was filmed. 5-day all-female transformative retreat creating sisterhood and bonds.  Created and Curated by Chef G and Christina Jaquez.


Divine Diasporic Awakening Retreat: Dominican Republic 2024 (Coming Soon)

Escape to a world of luxury, culture, and culinary delights with Chef G. Indulge in our exclusive coed retreat (for singles and couples), where AfroSoul meets the Caribbean in a symphony of flavors. Immerse yourself in gourmet experiences, cultural discovery, and self-renewal in the heart of the Dominican Republic. Your unforgettable journey awaits.

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