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Chef G 

I am passionate about creating unforgettable memories through the art of cooking, exceptional service, and a vibrant atmosphere. Having successfully operated a highly acclaimed restaurant, I've achieved a harmonious balance between a thriving professional life and a fulfilling personal one. Today, I am a content and self-assured mother, chef, retreat leader, event planner, and entrepreneur. While my journey has been a rewarding one, it was not devoid of its fair share of mistakes, failures, and setbacks, all of which have been invaluable lessons. I am eager to impart the culinary, hospitality, and business wisdom I've garnered from my diverse experiences to my community and like-minded individuals.

When I'm not in the kitchen or managing my business, you can find me spending quality time with my family or indulging in my hobbies and interests, such as Home DIY Renovation, Traveling, Reading, and TV/Film."

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My Story

An African and Carribean descendant, Genavee Winfrey (Chef G/Gen) was born and brought up in Newark and Irvington, New Jersey. She initially aspired to study and work in the health and sciences field at Rutgers University. However, a summer job at a popular casual dining restaurant turned into a passion for the culinary arts, hospitality, and business. Chef G returned to study Restaurant and Hotel Management and took a plethora of certified cooking classes and completed research in Food Science & Nutrition. Her dedication and natural talent led her to open Award-Winning Urban Taste in the heart of East Orange, NJ.  For 3 years it was known for its delicious, culture-relevant, healthy and fresh food with options for all. Guests would visit for exceptional service, good vibe, and homey atmosphere while dining. With the expansion of her family, she's entered into a new phase of her culinary and hospitality journey through catering, retreat leadership, private dining, culinary driven social events, meal prep, and event planning.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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